Cooking Demonstrations Ignite Loads of Culinary Memories at Springvale

They say people who love to cook (and eat) are the best people… so it may come as no surprise that at Springvale our monthly cookery demonstrations are hugely popular.

Our Chef, James, has been consulting with residents to find out what they would like to see being made and of course get a chance to sample. Top of the list was the traditional Scottish pudding, the clootie dumpling.

Many residents have fond memories of their grandmothers or their mothers making this sweet treat, or even having made it themselves for their family so it’s no wonder that it conjures up memories of happy days spent in the kitchen.

The monthly demonstrations provide a great opportunity for residents to chat about days gone by, favourite family recipes, ingredients and share top tips.

Next up on the list are individual apple pies and some delicious shortbread.

Food, Glorious Food at Springvale

For many of us, good food is one of the greatest enjoyments in life. At Springvale, you’ll find an enticing and varied menu on offer every day. Chef James and his team cater for food preferences, plus nutritional and dietary requirements. From family favourites to new cuisines, our residents look forward to meal times and catching up with friends within the home.

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