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Dementia Care

Our beautiful and life-enriching care home is built on the belief that each resident should be given every opportunity to live an independent life in a supportive, caring environment. For those who have higher care needs, such as Dementia, we aim to ensure residents are able to make the most of their day by providing the right amount of support where necessary.


Our Dementia Care team has received extensive training in all elements of Dementia, and on the first floor of the house, provides care in a safe, caring, and welcoming setting. Frustrations and tensions associated with Dementia are eased through a considered combination of skilled medical care and daily planned activities, social and mental stimulation, and constant engagement and support.

Daily Life & Dementia Care

Springvale Care Home Court recognises that no two individuals are the same and that some may only require modest assistance in managing their daily lives while living with Dementia, while others may require much more. Our approach to care is intended to help maintain resident’s sense of self and independence for as long as possible.

All residents are welcomed with warm, open arms into our home that is filled with care, compassion and lots of joy, offering active, enjoyable days and relaxing evenings where everything is taken care of.

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Approaching Dementia Care

Our experience of working with those who have memory loss and a variety of other Dementia related symptoms, means we can provide unrivalled care to our residents. At Springvale Care Home, we provide a variety of facilities and services to assist our residents in living independently in a comfortable and engaging environment. When it comes to assisting residents with Dementia, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, which is why our Dementia care plans at Springvale Care Home are completely tailored to each individual’s needs. 

Our Dementia care teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing personal and social care, as well as offering support that provides comfort and positive engagement for residents with Dementia.

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Dementia Care at Springvale Care Home

We are proud to offer Dementia Care at Springvale Care Home. Our home is designed to provide a secure, caring and friendly environment for those living with Dementia. Our teams have received high-quality, specialised training in the most up-to-date dementia approaches and research techniques, so residents and loved ones can be assured that only the very best support is being provided. Together with family and loved ones our staff take time to get to know our residents in order to create an accurate picture of their life, in order to enhance their ongoing happiness, comfort, and well-being.

Our home has been purpose built to comfortably accommodate residents with Dementia, from the layout and design of the home down to the cutlery supplied for mealtimes and is regularly evaluated to ensure every component is most fit for purpose.

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Caring for Our Residents

We continuously aim to surpass care, ensuring we go above and beyond the standard required medical care, and providing support for residents as a whole, ensuring the overall health and wellbeing of all of our residents are looked after.

Person-centered care allows our teams to work closely with both residents and their families, creating detailed and personalised care plans that considers all care needs, both medical and lifestyle needs.

Here at Springvale Care Home we prioritise all health, well-being, spiritual and safety needs in a comfortable, welcoming and stimulating environment.

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Dementia Care Inclusives

From physiotherapy sessions to regular GP appointments, the teams at Springvale Care Home offer a variety of services to ensure our residents are living the most comfortable and enjoyable life as possible:

Dental Needs

Residents have access to our professional dentist to look after overall oral health and prevent and/or treat dental and oral disease(s). This service is included within the overall care home fee.

Visual Needs

Our residents have regular access with our professional optician where visual needs will be assessed and discussed. This service is included within the overall care home fee.

Physiotherapy Sessions

Residents can attend regular Physiotherapy sessions that are held here at Springvale Care Home. Gentle. Sessions include chair based exercises that are led by our experienced Physiotherapist. Experience has shown us that regular attendance has many benefits for all resident types including improving strength, flexibility and balance.

GP Appointments

Daily life for residents, includes having access to regular visits with their local GP. Transport to and from can be arranged with the home. The cost is included within the overall care home fee.

Understanding Your Needs at Springvale Care Home

The peace and natural beauty of the gentle rolling hills of the Campsie Fells is reflected in not only the decor and ambiance of Springvale Care Home, but runs through to the medical and wellbeing care executed every day; designed to ensure residents live the relaxed and worry-free life they truly deserve.

“The whole experience at Springvale Care Home has been first class. My father has been welcomed in and cared for. He has connections with key staff and settled in really well. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a home.” Review from Colin C (Son of Resident), via

At Springvale Care Home, we are passionate about delivering exceptional levels of care for our residents and peace of mind for close friends and family members.

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Whatever your question, our friendly team is ready and waiting to help. If you have any questions regarding Dementia Care at Springvale Care Home, or any of the other services available, please call us on: 01360 312 765 or email us at: Alternatively, you can complete our online Enquiry Form and a member of our team will get back to you via your preferred method of contact.