From questions regarding the bedrooms through to the concerns surrounding COVID-19 and the impact that has on admissions and everyday life, we understand the need to seek answers before committing to living with us here at Springvale.

We have created an extensive list of frequently asked questions which we hope will be useful. Should you have any questions outside of those listed below, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Care Questions

Every care home in England undergoes inspections by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent regulator of health and social care who monitor, inspect and regulate health and social care services.

The best interests of your loved one is the priority when deciding whether they are ready to move into a care facility. If you, as the carer, feel you can no longer provide the care that the person needs to help them to live well, then it may be time to move somewhere where professional care staff can help. Similarly, if the person cannot live independently any more – for example, cannot care for themselves or stay safe – then it might be the right time to think about alternative care.

There are certain signs you or your loved one might be ready to make that transition into a care facility. Most noticeably are changes in eating habits, disorientation and confusion. If you have any questions regarding your loved one and are considering moving them into a care home, please get in touch, all staff are on hand to help and provide reassurance where possible.

Every resident at Springvale Care Home receives a personal assessment of their health and well-being. Ahead of moving into Springvale Care Home, a personal assessment and care plan is created and agreed by all relevant parties. Medical requirements are regularly assessed by our staff and plans adjusted accordingly to ensure residents are always receiving relevant, high-quality care.

Should care requirements change during a resident’s stay, we adapt medical care as necessary; we regularly assess the care provided and ensure that it is tailored to your current needs and requirements.

If nursing care needs change, which they often do, individual personalised care plans are altered to better suit the residents needs. Medical requirements are regularly assessed by our staff and plans adjusted accordingly so loved ones never have to worry.

Nursing Care is provided to residents with higher dependency needs, those who have stricter physical limitations, or those who require end-of-life care. Residential Care, however, is great for individuals who are capable of taking care of themselves but benefit from a helping hand with particular tasks.

At Springvale Care Home, we offer Dementia, Residential, Nursing and Respite Care. Our experienced and dedicated team enable us to nurse those with physical disabilities, those who require end of life care, those with high dependency needs, and those who become infirm.

Should care requirements change during a resident’s stay, we adapt medical care as necessary; we regularly assess the care provided and ensure that it is tailored to your current needs and requirements.

Care during Covid-19 Questions

Supporting our resident’s well-being is our number one priority. Coupled with ensuring that residents’ health is well and truly looked after, our overall life and medical care is second to none. 

Through around-the-clock care provided by our teams, fantastic activities designed to keep our residents mentally, physically and emotionally fit, Springvale Care Home supports each and every one of its residents in ways that are uniquely beneficial to them.

At Springvale Care Home, we have the best facilities in place to ensure residents and their loved ones remain as connected as possible. With our fast, high-quality internet speeds, we are more than happy to arrange online video calls with your friends and family, so you can be free to talk to them face-to-face anytime of the day or night, for as long as you like. 

As standard, both vaccines are being offered to all staff and residents. Due to our close relationship with local health services, any new residents or staff members will be administered the vaccine right away.

In line with recent Government recommendations effective from 18th December, adult care homes will continue to support indoor visits. It is however, recommended that no more than two households meet with a resident at one time inside the care home. Frequency of visiting your loved one will be guided by the care home arrangements. Visitors, including children, should undertake a LFD test before every visit to the care home and be able to provide evidence of a negative result. All visitors must also wear a Fluid Restraint Surgical Mask (FRSM). In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak within the home, the home will continue to support residents to choose a named visitor who may visit the resident in their private room if the local Health Protection Team allows.

At any time, the COVID-19 regulations and guidance from the Government, National and Local Healthcare Agencies may change. For further information, please click here or contact the Home Manager directly. 

Our top focus is supporting our residents’ wellbeing, and we take great steps to ensure that their health is taken care of properly. In line with recent Government recommendations effective from 2nd February, regular LFT and PCR testing for staff and residents is ongoing and is in line with Government, national and local agencies.

At any time, the COVID-19 regulations and guidance from the Government, National and Local Healthcare Agencies may change. For further information, please click here or contact the Home Manager directly.

Prior to the admission date, it is required for new residents to pass two negative tests. All new residents will be placed in isolation for 14 days following the negative results, we do however use this quality time to help our residents become acquainted with the home and the team.

Facilities Questions

We encourage all of our residents to maintain as much independence as possible, which is why we inspire residents to help. Everything that happens within the walls of Springvale Care Home affects our residents, so we welcome residents who want to voice their opinions, organise events or simply give feedback to our team members.

Entertainment at Springvale Care Home is always very exciting, and it often varies from week to week. Our Activity Coordinators take great pride in providing a plethora of new activities for our residents to see and do each week. We also offer pub quizzes, evening games, and interesting days out and about.

There are plenty of activities available for our residents at Springvale Care Home. Our designated arts and craft classes, pet therapy days and ample gardening opportunities are perfect for our residents who really want to take their days a lot more slowly. For our social butterflies, we have plenty of social events such as Quiz Nights, Friday Night Happy Hours and visiting entertainers.

Should you feel like a little pampering, our relaxing and inviting Salon at Springvale Care Home offers a range of services from a cut and blow dry to manicures and pedicures – helping residents to look and feel great.

We believe that every meal time should be special. Whether residents are a social butterfly and would prefer to eat in the dining room with friends and family, or they’d prefer to indulge from the comfort of their own room, both options are available. We also have fantastic private dining options, perfect for any family celebration or get together.

At Springvale Care Home we proudly offer a wide range of facilities and activities for our residents to use and take part in. There really is something for everyone, from a beautifully landscaped, private enclosed garden to day trips to become a part of the local community, residents can enjoy something new every day. 

Our Activity Coordinators make every effort to ensure residents have an array of activities to select from. By getting to know residents on a personal level, all activities are personalised, considered and guaranteed to be enjoyed by our residents.

Finance Questions

From the date of death, all fees associated with the Care Agreement shall be terminated. Accommodation charges will be paid for up to ten days from the date of death or until the home is emptied of any personal things.

If you think that you can no longer afford to stay with us here at Springvale Care Home due to financial issues, it is crucial that you let us know as soon as possible. We want to be able to assist you in the best way we can, such as assessing alternative funding sources or transferring you to a smaller suite within the home.

Your Weekly Residence Fee covers not only all medical care but also the bedroom, the use of outher dining facilities (both restaurants and cafes), the use of any gardens or communal areas, and housekeeping services. The fee also covers the price of any optional activities residents choose to take part in.

You may be eligible for either Local Authority or NHS funding, depending on your specific circumstances (Funded Nursing Care or Continuing Health Care).To explore any potential funding sources, we strongly advise you to seek independent financial advice.

We can take funding from people who pay for their own care (self-financing residents) as well as those who are publicly financed (Local Authority and NHS).

Yes, you would be required to pay for your care. However, you may be eligible to apply for funding to help you afford to stay with us here at Springvale Care Home. Get in touch to find out what funding is available, and how to apply for it.

Rooms & Suites Questions

Usually, loved ones can visit Springvale Care Home as often as they’d like to. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we recommend friends and family to get in touch with our team at Springvale Care Home to confirm what times would be best for you to visit.

We encourage all residents to make their room their own. From personal items such as photographs and interior decorations, to small pieces of furniture and collectables: at Springvale Care Home, there’s enough space to really make your room feel like your home away from home; we understand that it’s the home comforts that tend to make all the difference.

The decision to welcome a new furry/feathery friend is reviewed on an individual basis. so Please get in touch with us today to discuss the situation and we will do all we can to help.

At Springvale Care Home, we will do everything we can to make sure that the transitional period runs as smoothly as possible. Members of our team will assist with the physical moving in process, as well as the adjustment period that follows. We understand just how emotional the relocation process is, and we’re more than happy to offer emotional support to both residents and their loved ones.

In our residential care facilities, you are more than welcome to stay and move in with your significant other. Please get in touch to find out the rooms and facilities on offers for couples living with us at Springvale.

Yes, it is possible to book a trial period with us here at Springvale Care Home. Scheduling a trial period to stay with us is the perfect opportunity to find out exactly what you want, seek answers to any questions you have and decide if staying with us permanently is a viable option for you or your loved one.

Understanding Your Needs at Springvale Care Home

We place every effort in ensuring residents lead a stimulated and fulfilled life each and every day. We strive to provide ample opportunity for residents to make the most of every day; from enjoying a favourite film in the Cinema Room to enjoying delicious fine dining created by our in-house Chef or relaxing with friends and family in the Cafe/Bar, everyone can enjoy a comfortable environment where joy can be found in the little details.

We dedicate ourselves to offering activities and opportunities that allow residents to have fun and be social; from participating in a baking lesson to attending day-trips to local attractions, daily life at Springvale Care Home is varied, personalised and allows each individual to lead a rich and fulfilled life.