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We encourage all of our residents to take part in a variety of garden projects that will either expand one’s knowledge of gardening or simply bring a smile to their faces, whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just getting started with your green thumb journey. We offer several fantastic opportunities to get involved with the outdoors, from gardening sessions to staying in one of our sought-after ground-floor garden bedrooms.

Those residents who wish to get closer to nature can do so by going for a stroll or simply relaxing with a cup of tea. Our lovely grounds are the perfect spot to while away the time, taking in the beautiful views of the Campsie Fells that Springvale Care Home overlooks.

Extensive, Safe and Yours To Enjoy 

In our garden, all residents are encouraged to partake in as many outside activities as possible. Gardening at Springvale provides an excellent opportunity for each of our residents to meet new people while also improving their sense of responsibility and independence on a daily basis. From planting new flowers and inspecting the grounds to tending to those that have already begun to bloom, there’s a lot to do. Gardening and its many benefits are encouraged for all residents.

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Seek Out the Beauty in the Everyday

Our tranquil and protected gardens are the perfect place to reconnect with nature and the world around you. There is something for everyone in our garden at Springvale, if residents and their loved ones want to sit back and observe nature, the birds, and the forest critters go about their day, get lost in a book for hours on end, they can. We encourage all of our residents, regardless of their circumstances, to take advantage of the calm and tranquilly that our gardens provide, as well as to take full advantage of the shade and feel connected to nature.

Our Garden

What You’ll Find at Springvale

To ensure the comfort and well-being of our residents, our care home has been purposely built to provide an array of facilities and services to help residents live a full life.

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Raised Flowerbeds

Al Fresco Dining

Outdoor Seating

Wide Pathways

Private Secure Gardens FAQs

We believe that providing our residents with the chance to go outside regularly, get some fresh air, engage in outdoor activities, and enjoy nature is important for overall well-being. Being outdoors has many mental and physical benefits such as lowering stress and anxiety and improving overall mood, cardiovascular health, balance, and muscle strength.

We hold a range of activities outside including walking, gardening, lawn games, and chair exercises, and when the weather permits, residents can dine with loved ones and enjoy live entertainment.

In order to make our gardens accessible to all, we have included wheelchair-accessible paths and seated furniture for ease to sit down outside. Our private garden is also safe and secure with fencing and gates, to prevent residents from going beyond the garden perimeters. Our paths are well-maintained and there is outdoor lighting and other safety features to help prevent falls or other accidents.

Tailored Care That Goes The Extra Mile

At our care home in Lennoxtown, we take immense pride in offering a diverse range of care services. We firmly believe that every resident deserves access to high-quality care, while also enjoying the chance to pursue their hobbies, and interests as well as make new friendships.

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