At Springvale Care Home, our luxurious library has been designed to be the perfect space for residents to sit back, relax and spend time getting lost in a book. Here at Springvale Care Home we believe that libraries and reading groups can transform the lives of their residents, including those with dementia. We actively encourage all residents to make the most of the library space available to them, to enjoy the many benefits it brings; from the pure enjoyment of a really well written book, to reducing stress and enhancing sleep through to even improving memory circuits.

Reading independently or as part of a group encourages residents to use their imagination as well as providing points for discussion for fellow residents and even family members to enjoy together.

Our Library 

Our library is extremely popular among our residents and it’s easy to see why. With opportunities to get lost in a book or discuss the most recent page turner in a book club, our comfortable library really is a great way to spend an hour, an afternoon or even a day. 

When you’re in need of a little quiet time, the Library is the perfect place for you to relax with a good book. The spacious room and comfortable chairs give opportunity for residents to socialise and ensure that each day holds something new and interesting.

Glasses on Pile of Books

At Springvale, We Offer a Variety of Facilities

At Springvale Care Home, we encourage all of our residents to pursue a range of interests both individually and as part of a group. We continually adjust our facilities and activities to be as comprehensive and inclusive as possible. 

More than just a reading group, book clubs provide our residents the perfect chance to socialise, make new friends, enjoy lively discussions, discourage loneliness and more.

Library Sign

A-Z of Books

From popular classics such as Jane Eyre to more contemporary celebrity biographies, our extensive library means there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whatever our resident’s favourite genres may be, we guarantee there is something among the shelves to spark their interest. 

We ensure that the selection of books available are regularly updated and added to, so even our most regular visitors always have something new to enjoy.

Resident Reading

Library Amenities at Springvale Care Home

We are proud to offer a purpose-built library, designed to be used by all residents and their loved ones when visiting. Our Activity Coordinators at Springvale Care Home dedicate themselves to providing a diverse selection of amenities to all residents, including a library full of stories for every type of reader.


Audio Books

Inclusivity is of the utmost importance to us here at Springvale Care Home, ensuring every type of resident has access to all our services and facilities, including our library. We offer a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction audiobooks, which are perfect for those with impaired sight since they can enjoy great stories again and again.

Something for Everyone

Our library is home to an impressive array of books offering a diverse selection of genres and thoughtful non-fiction as well as novels for residents to choose from. Whether residents enjoy re-reading classic novels or are more of a contemporary love story fan, there really is something for everyone.

Peaceful Environment

Our library is a welcoming environment that encourages reading for pleasure. The resident-friendly, relaxing and comfortable surroundings allows for reading in peace as well as opportunities to enjoy and discuss books in groups.

Understanding Your Needs at Springvale Care Home

Our entire ethos is on the word ‘home’. It’s imperative that Springvale Care Home feels like home and offers home comforts, whatever that means to each individual, which is why we try to accommodate furniture and personal items to create a familiar, comfortable environment for our residents.

Daily life with us is varied and exciting, allowing each individual to lead a fulfilled life. From participating in our arts and crafts sessions to attending trips to visit the local Lennoxtown community, or settling down for an hour or two to enjoy a favourite book.

Caring for Our Residents

The care options and facilities available here at Springvale Care Home allows us to execute high-quality care for all needs; our approach is more than meeting medical care needs, it’s about caring for the health, wellbeing and interests of our residents as a whole.

Our comfortable and secure home is built on the belief that each individual should be given every opportunity to live an enriched and independent life in a supportive, caring environment.  We aim to ensure every resident is able to make the most of their day by providing the right amount of support where necessary.

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Get in Touch Today

If you or your loved one have any questions regarding our wonderful library or any of the other services on offer here at Springvale Care Home, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Our experienced and caring team is ready and waiting to answer any questions you have. You can call us on 01360 312 765 or email us at Alternatively, please complete our online Enquiry Form and one of our team members will be in contact.