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Residential Care

Our experienced and welcoming teams are on hand to help and support residents live an independent life with as much or as little support as required.

We believe in looking after more than just the care needs of our residents. We want to enhance the general well-being of every individual, encouraging both active body and mind. 

Free from the stress of managing a household, Residential Care allows our residents to enjoy the benefits of group living with like-minded individuals. In addition to enhanced well-being and an active social life, residents often enjoy increased confidence and independence. With a varied activities and entertainment programme, in addition to regular outings and events, every day can be enjoyed to the full.

Daily Life & Residential Care

The Residential Care we provide is entirely unique and personalised to each of our residents’ needs, with levels of medical and wellbeing care adjusted accordingly. Regardless of the type of care required, Springvale Care Home allows residents to live their life on their own terms. 

Our person-centered approach is delivered by specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We respect each of our residents’ right to live their lives as they see fit, embracing all of their individuality and passions while being active and social. With a varied activities and entertainment programme, in addition to regular outings and events, every day can be thoroughly enjoyed, meaning all residents can enjoy a rich and fulfilled life no matter what their medical needs may be.

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Approaching Residential Care

Residential Care is the perfect option for someone who is no longer able to live alone independently. There are also individuals who prefer to live in a residential care facility because it offers security, social engagement and ongoing support. Free from the stress of managing a household, residents can enjoy the benefits of group living with like-minded individuals. 

Residential Care aims to enhance the wellbeing and social life of individuals. We believe in looking after more than just the care needs of our residents, we want to enhance their lifestyles, encouraging both an active body and mind. Our ethos is to provide the highest quality of life for each and every one of our residents.

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Residential Care at ​​Springvale Care Home

Prior to a resident’s arrival, we spend quality time with each new resident and their family to create a unique, personalised care plan. We have a courteous and compassionate team who can assist and customise your care plan as needed if your care needs change over time. 

Ongoing, residents receiving Residential Care will be supported with everyday tasks to help them get through the day easily and without trouble. From assisting with personal hygiene, to enjoying mealtimes, our around-the-clock care will ensure residents live each day peacefully and free to focus on finding joy in the small things.

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When is Residential Care the Best Option?

Residential Care is ideal for people who require occasional additional assistance in order to continue doing the things they enjoy each and every day.

If you or a loved one is finding it difficult to live alone, or if living alone is starting to have a negative impact on mental or physical health, Residential Care may be the right path to choose. Also known as ‘group living arrangements’, Residential Care can make a significant difference on day-to-day life of any individual who requires a little support with everyday tasks.

Caring for Our Residents

All staff at Springvale Care Home continuously strive to surpass care, going above and beyond required medical care, and providing support for residents as a whole, ensuring the health, wellbeing and interests of all residents are looked after.

Our exemplary person-centred care is carefully executed each and every day; working closely with our residents and their families we create detailed and personalised care plans that considers medical needs as well as lifestyle needs that impact the mental wellbeing of residents.

Our top priority is to meet all health, well-being, spiritual and privacy needs in a comfortable, safe and stimulating environment.

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Residential Care Inclusives:

Every resident at Springvale Care Home has access to appropriate medical treatment, which is always tailored to their specific needs. Services included, but not necessarily limited to, are as follows:

Dental Care

Residents have access to a professional dentist to look after overall oral health and prevent / treat dental/oral disease. The cost of this service is included within the overall care home fee.

Chiropody Treatment

Our private Chiropodist regularly visits us here at Springvale Care Home, and will assess residents to either diagnose and treat foot problems, fix deformities, treat infections or  relieve pain. This cost is included within the overall care home fee.

Regular Visits to a GP

Residents have quick access to a GP for both routine and ad-hoc appointments. Whether visiting independently or with the assistance of a team member, residents can be assured a GP visit is never too far away.

Opticians Service

As part of the ​​Springvale Care Homes living costs, our residents will be regularly seen by our professional optician where visual needs will be assessed and discussed. Appointments can be made both onsite, and offsite at an Opticians, depending on the needs of the resident.

Physiotherapy Sessions

Using exercise, massage and other techniques our visiting Physiotherapists work with residents to help with a range of problems which affect movement. This cost is included within the overall care home fee.

One of Our Bedrooms

Understanding Your Needs at Springvale Care Home 

Situated in the beautiful village of Lennoxtown, in East Dunbartonshire, Springvale Care Home offers breathtaking views of the Campsies, further enhancing the peaceful haven our home offers to residents, loved ones and staff. The calmness and beauty of the natural range of gently rolling hills is reflected in not only the decor of Springvale Care Home, but also the medical and daily care executed every day; designed to ensure residents live the relaxed and worry-free life they deserve.

“The care home is stunning and immaculate, but it is definitely the staff who work there that give us peace of mind that my parents are well cared for and safe. I would definitely recommend this amazing care home for anyone having to make this hard decision.” Review from June M (Daughter of Resident), via

We pride ourselves on the standards of care delivered by our highly trained and motivated team; residents and loved ones alike can be assured they will live life to the fullest with us here at Springvale Care Home.

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